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  The school was founded in June 1952 and named as “Training preparation class of medical workers in the Southern Taiwan”. In August 1953, it was promoted to “Taiwan provincial Tainan vocational high school of nursing”. During fifty years the school nurtures more and more outstanding nursing talents who work in and out of the country and receives deeply praises.
  Recently, because that the living standards of people were to move up and the requirements of the nursing quality grew with each passing day, under the eager expectations of the society, the school was approved by the Ministry of Education to promote to National Tainan Junior College of Nursing (formerly known as NTIN) in August 1, 2000. It establishes the five-year division, the two-year division, the two-year evening division, and the two-year on-job division, where the first one enrolls graduates of the junior high schools, the second one enrolls graduates of the department of nursing of vocational high schools, and the third one and the last one enroll graduates of both the senior high schools and the vocational high schools. The teaching purposes and visions of the school are to nurture students into practical nursing talents who have international views, science and humanity disciplines and are also able to aspire the self-learning.

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