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Department of Nursing
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Department of Nursing

1. School systems
  the five-year division, the two-year division, the two-year evening division, and the two-year on-job division.
2. Curriculum Framework
  (1) General education courses: Chinese, English, chemistry, music, drama, art, etc.
  (2) Professional foundation courses: psychology, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pharmacology, and related experimental courses.
  (3) Professional core courses: foundamental nursing, medical-surgical nursing, obstetric- pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, public health nursing, and experimental and practical courses of all nursing branches.
  (4) Professional required and elective courses formulated by the school: long-term care, geriatric care, hospice care, critical care, emergency care, rehabilitation care, clinical test data interpretation, nutriology, physical assessment, Chinese medical science, and related pragmatic courses that are required or elective.
  (5) Required and elective general knowledge courses: computer, sports and leisure, livelihood esthetics, thanatology (death studies), introduction to environmental protection science, English conversation, career planning, etc.
  (6) Clinical Practical Training: On site (or clinical) practical training places consist of the subsidiary medical center of NCKU, CHI MEI medical center, Tainan city hospital, SINLAU hospital, CNPC sanatorium of DOH of ROC, Tainan hospital of DOH of ROC, KUO general hospital in Tainan, public health office of Tainan city, etc.
3. Faculty
4. Further Education
  Graduates can take recommendation examinations and/or joint enrolled distributions of nursing category by means of “The United Entrance Exams for Two-year Divisions of Senior College”, or they can continue to study into two-year divisions of senior college, university, or research institutes of medical nursing and related departments of organism either in or out of the country.
5. Future Employment
  The school guides and assists graduates to pass those examinations of nursing licences, high and general grade examinations of public office workers so that they can serve as nurses, registered nurse, and workers of medical and health care related business.
National Tainan Institute of Nursing (NTIN)  700 台南市中區民族路二段78號
78, Sec. 2, Minzu Rd., Tainan City 700, Taiwan, R.O.C.  TEL:(06)2110900 ; 2110600